Who we are

The business started to operate back in 1935 by the name “Dimitrios Konstantinou Ifantis”, working on manufacturing folk art pieces.

In 1952, in the 17th “Thessaloniki International Exhibition”, the company wins the “Diploma of Honor” and Gold Medal for the quality of its products.

In 1953, in the 18th “Thessaloniki International Exhibition”, the company wins “The Mega Price”.
The company keeps working this way until 1975, when the name changes to “Ifantis & Sons”, and continues until 1982.

In 1986, by the name “Konstantinos Dimitriou Ifantis”, the company settles in Menekratous str, specializing in museum Replicas. In 1995 it relocates to Orfeos str, Votanikos.

In 2012, it is bequeathed to the next generation, by the name “V. & D. Ifanti Partnership”, and continues working under the same name til this day.